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I believe in Openclipart and the concept of it so much, I would much rather spend my time working on OCAL than in other areas. I believe in the concept of sharing freely. As such I freely give my time to OCAL and to it's users.

I also believe in getting something for your investments. I have already invested a lot of voluntary time into OpenClipart, into making it work well, and helping the users get what they want - free clipart and artwork for use in any project. If you would like to donate some money to me, to help me support my family, that will encourage me to spend more time on OCAL and helping people share artwork and clipart freely.

I love OCAL and working on it, but my family still needs to eat. Please! Click the link! Consider donating $1 dollar a month. Or more if you like. :) The donate button below will take you to a paypal page where you can input the amount that you donate.