Thursday, October 25, 2012


Talk about chaordic! Have not worked nor posted nor talked to OCAL staff or the website for a very long time now. I don't know if I will again, really. Still, this blog and my own media will continue to be developed.

A whole new reshuffling of my life is happening / has happened in this last year. I continue to hobbinise (do hobby) in graphic design. Not pushing it seriously enough for earning a living off it. I like to create things for experimentation and love, rather than money. If I can figure out a way to do both money and love that would be great!

I have been tinkering around with making my own server using Ubuntu.

I have walked my own path with the "black dog" and am winning that conflict. I am learning to enjoy the simple things in life. This is especially more important after having lost my dad to a rare form of cancer. He died at the young age of 54, earlier this year.

Lots of deeply affecting changes, like kids now going to school, changing jobs (yay for retail!), gaining some inconsequential debts, gaining some significant friends and much more. This has been the worst two years of my life so far, but also the years where I have grown the most, I think.

Onward and upward.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Widescreen Layout for OCAL

I made a custom UI for openclipart via Stylish (only tested in Firefox WinXP at the moment). Check it out. Features are: WIDESCREEN LAYOUT, STICKY SEARCH BOX, STICKY NAVBAR AND LOGIN, CENTRALISED SIDEBOX TITLES, SEMI FLUID LAYOUT, Good stuff.

And here's the link to this very nice Styligh tool.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ack. No php for you.

This is a complaint post. I've been working on this dang AIKI and php nsfwfilter str replacement for over two hours now, with little to show for it.
I know how to str_replace in php. I know what I want to do in AIKI, but I don't know how to get there.

And of course, Bassel is one of the only ones who can actually make it work.

Normal php doesnt work in aiki. You have to use aiki code to parse php back to php, which aiki is inside of.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


There are two types of people in this world - Those who find problems and those who solve problems. We need both in this world.

Some people have advocated that you should only become a problem solver, but this type of thinking has a problem with it. Without problems to solve, problems solvers have no purpose! Without problem-finders, problem-solvers can't fulfil what they do best because no one is finding things to make better. Without problem-solvers the world becomes a hopeless place in our perceptions because there are so many problems!

Both walk hand in hand along the path of insecurity called Life. So go on! Complain! Report! Demand! We need that just as much as we need the Get it Done! Do it Now! Keep your Focus!

But sometimes the problem-finders just need to shutup. Just STOP!! and relax for awhile. There are plenty of more problems to find, plenty of trouble in each day. Those will happen without your help.

And sometimes the problem-solvers just need to STOP!!! and unwind from solving the worlds problems. Life will continue whether you fix that thing or not. "No," is a good word to use.

Here's a Thai flower clipart just because I like it. From Openclipart, made by dcatcherex

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Note to self - css compiling got up to number 469

Note to self. While finding out what css is coming from where you got up to 469.

Ocal is back yaaaaay!

I'm pleased, very pleased that OCAL is back online.
I'm not so pleased that I can't take credit for crashing the site. ;) (But I am relieved.)

Today I updated the javascript copyright violation detection script. Then went nuts because Papapishu is back! Yay! Veteran Librarian from way back returns to strike fear into the digihearts of evil clipart. Beware...beware!

Johnny Automatic is still pumping at the clipart. Go Johnny!

Darth Gimp is back! And fresher than ever. He'll be bringing his Sith powers and justice to bare on the cliparts that don't obey him.

A moment of silence for Nicubunu. Until nsfw browsing is implemented he doesn't want to contribute much to the library. {silence} Personally, I just think he wants more attention and librarian lovin... ;)

We also have a host of new/regular librarians helping too! A shout out to all of you! You guys rock so much I could cry. You can read more about what a librarian does for the Open Clipart Library at

A few more css jobs were done. I cleaned up the frontpage a little, tightened up the spacings of the clipart and text so that it's more readable, swept out some digital dust. Overall, I'm pleased with how OCAL is shaping up. It's taken a long time, with many problems along the way, many more solved, and a few lost artists (because of misunderstandings or simply not knowing about comments posted - there was no indicator of comments made, and emailing has been broken for quite awhile now.) Things are starting to tighten up again and work like they are supposed to.

I do love working in/with/for OCAL. I'm wishing there was some way to get paid for it though. This is a big job, for a fantastically great idea. I love the whole concept and I think I always will.

I know! If you want to help me out, you could donate some moolah to me! I promise that if you do donate, all proceeds will go directly to me and OCAL won't see any of it since I intend on spending it all on myself and my family.